Friday, July 8, 2011

Tuesday Teachings - Math Activity

We have been trying to work on our counting skills at my house so I whipped up a little activity for him to work with.

Construction Paper
Pipe Cleaner/Chenille Stems

Cut strips of construction paper about 1 inch wide and 2 inches long. You will need one for each number you want to work on. Fold the strips in half and write a number on one side. I cut my pipe cleaners in half since they are originally so long. Now glue the paper around the top of the pipe cleaner with the number facing out.

Once everything has dried, set out the pipe cleaner counters and the beads. The child then has to string the correct number of beads on to the pipe cleaners.

This works on counting and fine motor skills. Have a great day!


  1. i love it thanks for idea will be making these for sept !

  2. I will be making these for my classroom this year! Kids love stringing beads!

  3. This looks great we always seem to have extra pipe cleaners than anything else

  4. I will be using this idea for celebrating 100th day of school!!

  5. Use two colors of pony beads and make all the facts for a specific number. 7 1 + 6 2 + 5 3+4 4+3 5+ 2 6+1 7+0 After kids make the pipe cleaner with the beads, then they color a paper to match and add a number model. Yes! My second graders will be doing this and so active with it too! Feeling the numbers.