Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Teachings - The Letter Q

Another week, another letter. You can print your letter Q here.

I was very nervous about this week as the letter Q seems like a difficult letter to do a craft with but things turned out pretty cute.

Words that start with Q: Quiet, Quit, Quest & Queen.

For our activities we focused on: Questions, Quarters, Quail & Quilt

First we printed out the Q and my son glued papers that I had drawn different colors of Question marks on. We also discussed his great Questioning skills. He loves to ask "Why?"

Next my son glued different colors of construction paper to a page and once it dried, I cut out a letter Q. Once our Quilt was complete, we went through the house looking at the Quilts his Great Grandmother had made for us.

The next activity involves Quarters. We slid a Quarter under the Q printout and used crayons to make a rubbing of the Quarter with different colors all over the Q. We also did a Quarter Toss by trying to toss the Quarter into cups. My son is only three so he was not very successful at this game but he did enjoy playing.

Our last craft was a Quail. We painted the Q with brown paint using Q-tips. He really enjoyed using the Q-tips to paint. Once the Quail was dry, we glued on the legs and the head.

The snack was very difficult for me. I could not think of a single food that start with Q, I just froze up! Finally, I decided to make Quesadillas to redeem myself.

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  1. Thanks so much for your great "Q" ideas! I was feeling a bit stumped about introducing this letter and have been totally inspired by your great ideas!