Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tape Resist

We worked on a tape resist project this week using watercolors. It was easy and quite pretty.

Watercolor paper
Blue painter's tape
watercolor paints

We started by using the blue painter's tape to make an initial on the piece of paper. Typically I would just tear this tape but since I wanted straight edges I cut the tape for this project.

We put the tape down on the paper and started filling in around the initial with our watercolors. Our paper was quite large and my son began losing interest in the project so I painted a blue border around ours and he just filled in to the border.

This is an easy and fun project. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the only white you want on the paper is underneath the tape so be sure to fill in all of the other areas with paint. Do not leave any little spots of white. I did not do a great job of getting the tape sealed well so some of our paint bled under the tape, but we still love the picture!


  1. Crazy! We just did that last Friday. :) It was super fun!

  2. It was a great activity! We touched on mixing colors during ours and he was impressed with the stark whiteness of his initial afterwards!