Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Meanderings - Back to School

Today is August 1st and that means that school will be starting soon. Here in Fayette County, school sessions begin on August 11th. Here are some ideas to help ease the transition.

Go to bed earlier, starting at least one week prior to the first day of school. Start getting up on school time too.
Eat a heartier breakfast. This meal will now have to last until lunch.
Talk to the child about any fears they may have about back to school.

First day of school pictures are a rite of passage. Make them memorable by making chalkboard speech bubbles for your kids to hold. This idea is from Kami at Make and Takes.

A back to school jar is a great way to let a child know exactly how many days are left to school or any other occasion. Get a jar and let the child decorate it. Put in a small candy (like M Ms or Skittles), one candy for each day until school starts. Each morning they child can have one candy until the day school starts.

Back to school fairy is a great way to get kids in bed on that last night of freedom. Have them put their backpack beside the door before they go to bed so the back to school fairy can put gifts in it. Once they are asleep, slip some new school supplies and after school snacks in the backpack.

Get together some other parents and have a Boo-Hoo party! After you drop off the children, go for coffee or breakfast together. It is okay to cry with your friends, they know you and love you!

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