Thursday, August 18, 2011

Super Hero Training (or Gross Motor Skill Lessons)

Recently, my son has been obsessed with Super Heroes. He is not particular about his heroes either, wear a cape or costume and you are his man/woman.

I decided to work on our gross motor skills by setting up a Super Hero Training Course in our hallway. What? Super heroes have to work out just like everyone else. I actually got this great idea from the blog, Chicken Babies. She set up a "Spy Training Course" for a birthday party and I knew my son would love it.

The object of our training course was to go through the hallway without touching the crepe paper "traps" that were hanging from the walls.

We had lots of fun with this but be forewarned, he will expect you to participate and it takes some finesse to do it as an adult!

Once we finished with the course I let him run through the "Finish Lines" just like a famous runner winning a big race! He also loved that!

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