Thursday, September 1, 2011

Smelly Flowers

I have seen examples all over blogland where people have used the bottom of a water bottle as a stamp for painting. We decided to do this but we took it a little further.

This week when we went to visit some family there was a neighbor that had planted some sunflowers that are now over 10 feet tall! Needless to say, my son was quite impressed with these giant plants.

So we decided to create some smelly sunflower paintings.

Empty water bottle
coffee grounds

We stamped several sunflowers with the bottle and yellow paint. Next we went back and used our finger dipped in green paint to make the flower stems and leaves.

Lastly, we put a bit of glue in the middle of the sunflower and sprinkled coffee grounds on the glue.


  1. Gotta try this! Thank you so much for sharing the inspiration!

  2. You are welcome! Hope that both of you will try this as it really was fun! We may try it again using kool-aid flavors in the middle instead of coffee.