Thursday, February 17, 2011

Melting My Heart

I remember when we were in grade school the teacher would give us a piece of black construction paper. We would then proceed to cut out a butterfly. Once the butterfly was cut out, we would cut out sections of the wings that we would add color to later with crayon shavings melted by iron.

 I did this loosely with my son except we skipped the paper part. We used a hand held pencil sharpener to get crayon shavings. We used blue, red, pink and yellow crayons. This was a real workout for my son. I forgot how much your motor skills get a work out sharpening crayons!

Once we had our shavings ready, I tore off a big piece of wax paper and we randomly sprinkled the crayon shavings on the wax paper. Next, I put a few layers of newspaper on my ironing board, laid down the wax paper, covered it with another sheet of wax paper and a few more layers of newspapers. I had my iron set to low and then I just ironed over it all. Once it was melted, a few seconds to a minute, I took the iron off and set the whole thing aside to cool.

Next we used a marker and drew shapes on our wax paper and then cut them out. Once they were cut out we taped the shapes to our windows. They would also look great if you poked a hole in them and hung them from a curtain rod.

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