Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

Well, I finally did it. I had read about these ornaments for some time and my son was "rambunctious" this past weekend so we decided to make this craft. I was going to make it a Valentine's Day activity but could not find the heart cookie cutters so we improvised and made ornaments with other cutters.

To make the dough, everything I read said to use equal parts cinnamon to applesauce but I found that dough too sticky. I started off using 1 cup powdered cinnamon to one cup of applesauce, I ended up using at least another half cup of applesauce in order to be able to flatten the dough without it sticking.

We had tiny bear and elephant cutters, large butterflies, dragonflies and inchworm cutters. My son also decided that we needed to make a snowman and a snake. I free handed two hearts.

Once we cut out the shapes, I put them on a SILPAT on my cookie sheet and we baked the ornaments at 200F for 30 minutes and then flipped the ornaments. This was repeated 4 times. All in all, it was fun, the dough smells fabulous and I would probably do this again.

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