Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gone Fishing Game

Another homemade game. This was quite easy also.


Fish Template
Sticky backed Felt in a variety of colors
Magnetic fishing pole (or dowel rod that has yarn/string on the end and a magnet glued to the end of the yarn)
Blue fabric for the water (optional)
Felt sticky backed numbers

I traced the fish template onto each color of felt twice. I then cut the shapes out. I peeled the paper off the back of one fish and laid a paperclip on the sticky side with 1/4 inch of the clip hanging over the side (see pic below). In order to make the same amount of paperclip stick out on all of my fish, I put the edge of the inside loop of the paperclip on the edge of the fish.

Once the paperclip is a adhered, peel the paper backing from the matching fish and stick them together. You will need to press them together well and be sure you stick them together well at the paperclip mouth section.
Repeat this process with all of your colors. Once I had all of mine completed, I decided to go back and put a number on one side of each fish. We could then catch the fish by colors or by number.

I already had a magnetic fishing pole from a puzzle that my son had but you can wrap and glue yarn to the end of a dowel rod or stick form the yard and then dangle the yarn down to floor length then hot glue the yarn between to circle magnets.

Next, you just go fishing!


  1. I discovered your blog yesterday through craft gossip. By last night, I had already cut out nearly 30 felt shapes! My toddler (22 months) loves it so much. Today I am going to the store to get a bigger piece of foamcore and new felt colors. I have really enjoyed what I have been able to get through your blog thus far and am very inspired. I knew it was time to begin a little bit more structured learning with Jake, but didn't know where to begin. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  2. Nina - thanks for joining us. We try to keep the ideas fun, affordable and educational. I use lots of felt in my house since you can get it so cheap and do so many things with it.