Friday, February 4, 2011

Learning our Shapes - A felt board game

This is a felt board that I work on with my son. I cut this out at least 1.5 years ago so I do not remember the website I used as a model for my monster. If anyone knows, please comment so I can give proper credit. If you wanted to recreate this it would be easy to just cut out any style monster.

Once the monster was cut out, I then just cut out a variety of shapes in different colors of felt. The reason I used different colors was to also work on our color recognition. Since I took this picture though, I have also cut out all of the pictures in just yellow. This makes it a bit more difficult since I am not giving hints to my son by saying the monster wants to eat the green rectangle for lunch.

When we pull out this felt board set, I recite/sing this little song I made up to keep his attention:

"Yummy, Yummy put that green rectangle in Monster's tummy!" Once my son puts the rectangle on the monster's tummy, I remove it and say: "That was tasty but Monster is still hungry!" and then I pick the next shape and start the phrase over again. I have been considering cutting out all of the letters in capital and lowercase to use with the monster too. We really enjoy this felt board and hope you enjoy it too!

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