Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Game Night - Balloon Volleyball

This is one the least expensive games you can play and it will give you some exercise.

Chair or Tape

Begin by blowing up the balloon and tying it off. Now you will clear a good area to play in. Once you have cleared you area of breakables and you have space to move around in you will need something to be the center line. You can place a small chair to divide the areas, or we just put a line of tape down on the floor.

The point is to volley the balloon back and forth without letting it touch the ground and without catching the balloon. It is fun and exciting and will get your heart pumping.

Another twist on the game is to let one person play it alone. They start on one side and volley the balloon to the other side, then they must run to the other side and volley it back before the balloon touches the floor.

Have a great Family Game Night and feel free to leave comments telling us some of your favorite family games.

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