Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Teachings - Letter M

Well another Tuesday is upon us and that means it is time to move on to the Letter M as we craft and snack our way through the alphabet.

Feel free to download our Letter M to use for your activities.

Some words that start with M: Move, Make, Mule, Money, Music, Mash, Marry, Most, Majority, Myth and Mustard.

For our activities we used Marbles, Marbleizing, Mouse Paintings and Moose.

Our First activity involved Marble Painting. We used a disposable aluminum cake pan and put a piece of paper in the bottom of it. We then used a marble and dropped it into a paint color that was slightly watered down. We got the marble good and covered in paint and then used a spoon to scoop it out and dropped it in the pan on top of the paper. We then tilted the pan back and forth to roll the marble around. My son wanted to use a variety of paint colors and we only used on marble so we got some great color combinations.

For our next activity we Marbleized Paper. The steps are below.

Squirt shaving cream in a pan with sides.

Squirt drops of paint on the shaving cream, using a variety of different colors.

Take a piece of paper and lay it on top of the paint and shaving cream, being sure to get all of the surface of the paper on the mixture. Now grab a corner of the paper and pull it off of the shaving cream.

Use a squeegee to scrape off all of the extra shaving cream and then set the paper over to dry. We were able to dip several pieces of paper in the paint.shaving cream mixture.

Once ours dried, we cut out an M from one of the pieces of paper to reaffirm the whole M lesson.

Next, we used Mice from the cat toy section and dipped them in paint and used them to paint papers. He loved this as we got verry messy.

For the next craft, we made Moose antlers for my son to wear. Sorry that the picture quality is blurry but he was a "charging" Moose every time he put on the antlers.

There were also numerous colorings of the letter M print out but I could not locate them, I am pretty sure he hid them in his room somewhere.

Foods that start with the letter M: Muffins, Marshmallows, Mint, Macaroni, Marscapone, Meatloaf, Melons and M & M's.

We made egg salad over the weekend so we took one of the eggs and made a Mouse. I used almonds for the ears, food markers for the face and licorice for the tail.

Hope you have a  great week working on the letter M with your kids.

The Attached Mama's Alphabet Craft Collection

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