Thursday, September 30, 2010

Personal Picture Puzzle

Recently when I picked my son up from daycare they gave me an extra photo that they had taken of him and some of his friends putting together a puzzle. I love when they give me pictures, it makes me feel like I am involved in his day.

As I looked at this picture, I decided to make my own personal picture puzzle with it.

Craft sticks (jumbo sticks are preferable but I only had the regular sized ones)
Mod Podge
Picture of choice
Cardboard to cover area
Craft knife (to be used by parent only...I used my rotary cutter)

Lay out the craft sticks using enough that the entire picture will have sticks behind it. Once you have the length, put a piece of tape along the top and the bottom of the sticks to hold them together. Flip the sticks over and lay them tape side down. Now you will use the paintbrush to put a coat of Mod Podge over the sticks. Once you have good coverage on the sticks, lay the picture face up on top of the sticks. You will now want to put a layer of Mod Podge over the picture.

Once the first layer has had time to dry, I put on a second layer and let it dry. Once you are sure everything is dry, remove the tape and you will use an extra craft stick as a guide and use your craft knife to cut the sticks apart. Since my picture was black and white and my son is young I numbered the sticks in order.

When we are not using the puzzle, I keep it tied together with a ribbon.

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