Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meet the Child Care Council Staff

Introducing Veronica R.
Robin @ Kids Matter
Veronica was born in Augusta, Georgia, but grew up in Darmstadt, Germany.  As you probably guessed, she is an, “Army brat”.  Both her mother and father were in the Army.  She didn’t come to Kentucky until she was around 14 years old.  She said, “At first I didn’t like Kentucky.  The southern people and way of life caused a kind of culture shock for me.  But, as I’ve gotten older… I can’t imagine living any place else.”   She still speaks a little German, but has lost most of it, because it’s not called for very often in Kentucky.  However, Veronica is part Dominican, so she also speaks Spanish.
Growing up overseas and in the military has had a great impact on her values regarding family and parenting.  She was raised in a very strict manner, with tight rules and responding with, “yes sir, no sir,” but was able to play outside freely, without having to worry about safety and things happening like we do now. She said, “As a child, I knew my place and respected it. I have tried to parent my children that same way.”  One of her fondest memories from childhood is when she was a girl scout and went to Paris for a field trip.  On that trip, her mother told her to be aware, that she would see more than many others will get to see in their lifetime.  Veronica said, “…it was true.  Remembering that time pushes me to achieve more and get back to that point.  Sometimes I imagine going back there and living my life out. “
The two things Veronica is most proud of in her life are graduating college; she was the first graduate in her family, and being a mom.  She said, “They are the best things I ever could have done.” She is the mother of 13 year old twins, a boy and a girl, a 7 year old boy, and is pregnant now.  She is due in early December and is not planning on finding out the sex of the baby before it is born.  She has a wonderful man in her life, who is the father of three children, making them the, “New Age Brady Bunch”.  She said, “He’s a superior guy who has helped me through the tough times.”  She is very proud of the children, saying they are all great athletes.  They play soccer, which she coaches.  She wouldn’t trade them for the world!
In her spare time, which she never seems to have enough of, she likes to travel.  That love probably comes from her childhood and being part of an Army family.  She loves to see landmarks, tour museums, and try different foods.  Sounds like fun!  However, Veronica may need to slow down a little on her travels.  She described herself as a, “speed demon”.  She said she has almost received about 60 speeding tickets.  She has been able to get out of most of them, and only has four on her record.  One judge even advised her to start walking instead of driving, because he was tired of seeing her.
Veronica came to work for the CCC in 2012.  She actually worked in the West Region for a few months before being transitioned to the East Region, without even moving her office.  Her advice to other eligibility workers is, “don’t take things personally in the office.  There is a difference between sympathy and empathy, and personal involvement in your work affects the way you see things.  Remember you can’t please everyone, and at 4:30 you have to leave your work in the office and go home.”  She said, “I see my future as still working at the CCC, just married and raising my family and winning the lottery would be great too!”

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