Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Meet the Child Care Council Staff

Introducing Debbie G.
Belinda @ Kids Matter
I say this from the perspective of a customer service representative and a customer… it’s been my experience that many people often take CSRs for granted. We tend to go in, conduct our business, and promptly exit; making no connection, and often dismissing the worker without a second thought. Seldom do we show them the courtesy and respect they truly deserve, let alone take the time to get to know the person helping us. Today, I introduce you to someone I imagine customers always wanting to take the time to converse and get to know. She is an incredible person with a delightful disposition. You can’t help but smile when you talk with her, as her soulful and caring nature just reaches out and grabs you. Please meet Debbie, an Eligibility Specialist with the CCC, who has worked in the field of child care assistance for 16 years. She devotedly covers Christian and Trigg counties, always providing service with a smile. Debbie conveyed that the best part of her job is, “Getting to be a part of helping all those precious children”.  Debbie feels so strongly about helping children that if she were not working at the CCC, she would be a teacher.
Debbie has an amazing personality. I couldn’t help but to wonder what motivates and inspires her. So, I asked and her answer was no less inspiring than her personality. “My dad is who inspired me to be who I am. He always loved to do for others. He taught me to go above and beyond, even during his last days, terminally ill with cancer. I was sick one day and he called wanting to do something for me when he could barely even walk across the floor to help himself. He always made sure that I knew he was there for me no matter what.” I felt her tears and pain as she spoke of her dad. Debbie said, “During his last days, I will always remember the way he handled himself. He stayed so positive and strong the whole time. I hope that I can be half the person he was.” She conveyed an interesting story to me, and though it was heartbreaking, it was immensely inspirational. “Dad bought a 1965 Mustang and fixed it up for my sister when she turned 16. He painted it silver with red interior. She was six years older than me and my sister used that car until she got another. He then fixed the Mustang up for me. He painted it candy apple red. I loved that car so much. I kept it for three years and then gave it back to him and he fixed it up for himself that time. He is gone now, but we still have the car in our family. Dad left it for my son and nephew to share. I hope and pray that it will always stay in our family. Just looking at that car is like seeing my dad all over again.”
Debbie has been married to Tommy for 23 years and they are the proud parents of a now 16 year old Mustang driver. Debbie says her son, Matt, is her greatest achievement in life. Having a child took careful planning and not taking the medicines she needed to treat her Crohn’s Disease. She says, “I was able to stay off my meds for the two years prior to conception and with the grace of God, had a healthy baby boy.” Debbie’s motto about life is, “…it’s living each day as if it were the last”. I couldn’t agree more, and firmly believe she lives her motto as a shining example for the rest of us. Asked if she was given three wishes what would they be she said, “My dad back, my husband not having to work nights anymore, and no families suffering from hunger in the world.”
So, when you are out doing your daily shopping and appointments, remember to take a moment to recognize the person helping you. We need those, like Debbie, to shine the ray of hope and encouragement in our lives.

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