Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Meet the Child Care Council Staff

Introducing Ashley E.
Robin @ Kids Matter
Ashley is originally from Eastern Kentucky.  She grew up in the Prestonsburg area and graduated from Big Sandy Community and Technical College with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration.  Her fiancĂ© talked her into moving to the Lexington area, so she came, liked it, and stayed.  Ashley was always interested in working in the field of business.  She chose to study Business Administration, in hopes that it would allow for more flexibility in finding a job.  However, she hopes to one day go back to school and further her education in the finance field.
Ashley came to work at the CCC a couple of years ago.  She was not happy in her previous job, and had some friends who worked here and recommended it to her when there was a job opening.  Ashley said, “I like working for the CCC because of what it stands for.  I like coming to work because we’re helping the community people make their lives better.”
As the parent of two children (Cameron 2 years, and Chloe 7 months) Ashley’s goal as a parent is to raise them in a way that they feel they can come to her with anything, good or bad.  She said, “I want them to do well.  I want to give them the tools to have a better life than me, and I want them to have fun while they are kids… and just be kids.”  She tries not to be too strict or too loose with them.  It’s a hard balance to keep sometimes, but she tries to stay in the middle.   She stated she is happiest when her children are happy.  For her to see them smiling and playing together is the best feeling in the world!  Her pride and love for her children was palpable as she spoke of them during the interview. 
In her spare time, Ashley has started to focus on fitness.  She likes walking and has recently started the Couch to 5K program.  In June, she plans to walk in the CCC 5K, sponsored by Fox 56.  It will be her first 5K.  Walking and exercise are a great pastime that we probably all need to take part in more often.  Good luck in the 5K, Ashley!
I asked Ashley what she is bad at that she would like to be good at, and her reply was that it would be really awesome to be able to draw.  She is amazed by what other people do, while she “can’t even draw a circle”.  Perhaps that makes her better able to appreciate the work of those who are more artistically talented.  What is the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen?  “It’s definitely not the birth of my children… that was disgusting!  It would probably be watching the sunset or sunrise on the beach.”  Ashley loves to be on the beach.  It’s the favorite spot for family vacations every summer.  Ashley plans to stay working here at the CCC for many years to come.  She also looks forward to being a “soccer mom,” taking her kids to practice and school events.  Her goal is to just enjoy life with family. What a great goal to have!

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