Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Meet the Child Care Council Staff

(Christina at a Packer’s game, “The best day of my life”)

Introducing Christina P.
Melissa @ Kids Matter
I’d like to introduce Christina, Regional Supervisor for three counties in the North Region of the CCC. Christina has been with the CCC for four years and has been working in the Child Care Assistance Program for 11 years.
Christina has been working, in some capacity, since she was old enough to do volunteer service with a local hospital. Her first paying job was with a nursing home, in the dietary department. When asked what she liked most/least about her job with the CCC, she stated, “I love being able to help families.  The program freeze is what I dislike most about my job”.  Christina said that she chose her career because of her love for helping children and families.  Christina has a warm, giving heart, and feels most at home helping others.
She credits her grandmother for her choice to attend college and helping choose her particular career path. When asked about the most influential person in her childhood, Christina replied, “My grandma.  She is who drove me to attend college and do my best always”. Her definition of family is, “Being there for each other in the worst of times.” I asked her what was the most special way you’ve shown someone that you love them?” She replied, “Usually making them something, I think making gifts to show appreciation is much better than anything store bought.”
Christina’s definition of happiness is, “…no stress”. This is probably why her most memorable travel experience is Cancun, Mexico. No stress can be found there! Christina’s free time is usually spent outdoors and gardening.
I enjoyed this interview because I interact with Christina on a number of things within our organization, mostly via email. It’s nice to get to know someone a little more personally, outside of email correspondence!

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