Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meet the Child Care Council Staff

Introducing Suzie S.
Robin @ Kids Matter
               Suzie is originally from the Central Kentucky area, but has lived across the state.   She worked in a Western Kentucky CCAP office for five years.  After moving back to Eastern Kentucky, she worked in CCAP for 11 years, before transferring to the office in Floyd County when she came to work for the Child Care Council of KY.  So, she has worked for three different agencies, doing the same job and helping many people across the state. 
Travel is a large part of Suzie’s life.  Suzie and her family have moved around quite a bit due to her husband being a minister.  She said, “In the church there is always the possibility of moving.  You have to make the best of it.  You can’t be miserable over something you can’t control… it doesn’t help.”  I love her positive attitude and adaptability!  Suzie also related an amazing travel experience to me about a trip to Israel.  The picture above, of her wading in the Mediterranean Sea, was taken at Caesarea by the Sea, Israel.  She has loved water all her life, probably partly because she grew up on Lake Cumberland and started swimming when she was three years old,  so was especially drawn to visit the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Galilee while in Israel. 
Suzie has four grown daughters and nine grandchildren, with one more due this month.  She said the most beautiful things she has ever seen are the births of three of her grandchildren.  She was able to be in with her daughters during these births, and says it was amazing.  As much as she loves her children and grandchildren, she has been accused of loving her dog more.   J  She has a three year old rescue dog.  Suzie has a great passion for working with animal shelters to help find forever families for dogs and cats in need.  Another of her passions is riding motorcycles.  When the weather is good, she and her husband are out on their bikes.   They ride with the Fellowship of Christian Riders.  It is a motorcycle group that rides not to get converts, but simply to show that you can be a Christian and ride motorcycles.  Last year they rode to Hillbilly Hotdogs, in West Virginia, on their bikes.  Hillbilly Hotdogs is a big deal.  They’ve been featured on Diner’s, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Food Network, and on Hotdog Paradise 2 on the Travel Channel.
Suzie said, “I have enjoyed the last year and a half at the CCC.  It’s a joy to work for an agency so mindful of its employees and good to work in a job where you are actually helping people.”  She said that if you have your priorities right in life everything will fall in line and work out right.

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