Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Meet the Child Care Council Staff

Introducing Kim L
Belinda @ Kids Matter
Meet Kim, a 14 year veteran of the CCC. She serves as the Lexington Regional Supervisor, overseeing eleven eligibility specialists who cover 20 counties. She is straight forward, friendly, and outgoing. She is a graduate of Madison Southern High School and holds a CTE in Computer Applications. This year, she and her husband will celebrate their eighth anniversary. They have two wonderful children, a daughter (age 18) and a son (age 10).
Kim speaks with great pride about her daughter, “My daughter is the first in our family to attend a four year college, and to know that I could give her everything that she needed to help make her dreams come true is the best feeling in the world.” She says, “My daughter is in her freshman year at Lindsey Wilson College, where she is majoring in biology, and will go on to pre-veterinarian.” Through the interview, I could just feel the smile light her face as she explained how her daughter, “spent three days a week for an entire summer at a veterinarian clinic doing volunteer work to make sure that was the path she wanted to pursue.” Kim’s advice to any college student is, “make decisions on what you want to do for a career by getting out there and seeing what is involved in the field that you are pursuing.” I couldn’t agree more with that statement. You may love animals, but until you work with them on a daily basis you may not realize the full extent of what you are getting yourself into. Congratulations to her daughter for recognizing such an important lesson at a young age.
Being very family oriented, Kim says that having children at a young age changed her life dramatically for the better and she, “wouldn’t have it any other way.” Kim says a happy family revolves around a healthy marriage which takes, “patience, understanding, and giving as much as you take.” She continues with excellent advice for any relationship by saying, “accept and respect others’ strengths and weaknesses.”
What makes Kim who she is? She contributes that to her family and the people with whom she surrounds herself. She says that the best advice for parents is to, “show your children patience, understanding, and lots of love. Provide discipline when needed, so they know how to grow and become responsible adults. While material things are nice, they do not create happy children.” She credits Julie as being the most influential person in her career. She states, “She has shown me what it means to have someone believe in you. To have someone give you the confidence to push yourself to your fullest potential is just awe inspiring.”
Being an outdoors person, Kim finds great relaxation and fun in weekend fishing trips with her husband. She also finds great comfort in being on the beach with her family. So much comfort, that she refers to herself as, “a true beach bum at heart.” She would call the beach her dream vacation and visits there as often as possible.
Having a grandmother, who is a cancer survivor, has inspired Kim to serve on the Relay for Life committee in Madison County. She encourages everyone to support cancer research, so hopefully one day no one will have to go through such devastation.

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