Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Meet the Child Care Council Staff

Introducing Scot W.
Robin @ Kids Matter
Scot is originally from Colliers, West Virginia. He came to Kentucky to be near his fiancĂ©e who was going to school at UK.  Scot was the sports editor, for two years, at a newspaper in Harrodsburg, so it’s no surprise that he loves sports!   Football is his favorite sport, both to watch and to play.  He says he quickly became a UK fan after moving here because he really liked the love that people in the Lexington area had for sports.  I asked Scot what he has done that people wouldn’t guess about him.  He stated that several years ago, he entered a singing contest and won! 
After coming to live and work in Lexington, Scot’s workplace was very near the Fayette County Eligibility Office.  He had always had the desire to help people, and was not feeling fulfilled on a personal level in his current job.  So, after some time of seeing the signs and people coming and going, he asked more about the CCC, and applied for a job.  He’s very glad that it all worked out.  Scot is now a Claims Specialist working at Central Office.
Scot, and his wife April, are very involved in fundraising for the American Cancer Society.  They both volunteer at the Relay for Life event every year.  Part of his motivation for this is from his maternal grandmother being a breast cancer survivor and an aunt who passed away from cancer.  Several members of his wife’s family have been struck by the disease also, so it’s rewarding to be able to work toward a cure. 
The accomplishment Scot is most proud of in life is his son, Owen.   You can easily tell how excited Scot is about being a parent.  He said, “New parenthood is a combination of learning as you go and relying on what your parents taught you.”   He’s very thankful for the good upbringing that he had, as it has helped him a lot in learning how to be a parent himself.  Scot said that he has learned compassion and trust from Owen.  “Owen automatically trusts that you’re going to take care of him. He depends on you for everything.”    Before Owen was born, Scot could often be heard planning pre-schools, schools, sports, and other such things for his son and worrying about doing things the best way for him.  He said ultimately now, “What matters is that Owen is healthy, happy with himself, and happy with his life.  None of the other plans or ‘what ifs’ in life matter.”   10 years into the future, Scot sees himself happily transporting Owen to sporting events, watching him play, and grow.  Scot is very happy with life and where things have gone both in family and career.

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