Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Meet the Child Care Council Staff

Introducing Sharrion E.
Belinda @ Kids Matter
If I had to sum up Sharrion in one word, it would be focused. Meet Sharrion, an Eligibility Specialist for the CCC, serving Fayette County for the past two years. Sharrion is a sweet person with intense focus on her education. Matter of fact, in addition to her working at the CCC, she is a currently a full-time student at the University of Kentucky, where she is pursuing her Masters of Social Work Degree. When asked where she sees herself in five years, she stated, “Hopefully married with at least one child and working on my PhD.” Focused! That’s exactly what she is and making her Mom, also an employee of the CCC, very proud.
When asked what motivated her to venture into social work she replied, “My Aunt Mattie, she is a social worker and she advocates for the troubled youth in Lexington.” Sharrion aspires to proudly follow in her aunts footsteps. Though she holds true admiration for her aunt, she says the person who has most influenced her life is her mother, Sharon. She says of her mom, “She has shown me the true definition of a strong woman and has been the best mother. I love her for it.” She is also very close to her grandparents and spends as much time possible creating lasting memories with them.
Sharrion defines family as, “more than people who are related to me genetically. My definition of family is the people who are there for you in life no matter what happens and provide spiritual and emotional support. Family consists of people that you can depend on.” Included in her family are two dogs, Amor and Zoey. She says her dogs have her personality so, “I guess it’s true that dogs are like their owners.”
I had to laugh while I was interviewing her because she is so focused on school, yet her favorite thing about elementary school was recess. Jumping from elementary school to middle school triggered a special memory of a special teacher in her life, Mrs. Fields, “She was so kind, supportive, and always had my best interest at heart. She passed away a few years ago and I regret that I never got a chance to tell her how important she was to me.” That makes you stop and think doesn’t it? Let us all just say “thank you” right now for all the teachers that have made such great impact on us.
Moving on to high school, with her great sense of humor, she told me a story of her most awkward moment. “I was in marching band. During a half-time show, I forgot where I was supposed to go in the formation so, I just made it up. Needless to say it was very noticeable!” So, if you happen to catch her wandering the halls, smile and give her a hand for great effort.
Going into the field of social work, she is concerned with the needs of children. She also says, “It takes a community to raise a child because a child’s life is influenced by the community.” She also supports the March of Dimes as much as possible because, “its goal is to decrease infant mortality and help mothers have full term pregnancies, as well as research the problems that threaten the health of the babies.” Sharrion is a wonderful, understanding person who is focused on her education for the betterment of the children and families in her community.

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