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100 Ways to Show Kids They Truly Matter

100 Ways to Show Kids They Truly Matter
Bradley @ Kids Matter
I was super excited when our “Blog Squad” asked me to write the 100th blog. I wasn’t sure what to write, but knew I wanted to include “100 of something” in my blog. It didn’t take me long to decide what that “something” would be. As an agency, we use the phrase “KIDS MATTER” often in our daily conversations. It’s a very common phrase around our offices. In fact, our staff often wears shirts with that phrase printed on them. So, for the 100th blog I decided to list 100 ways to show kids they truly matter. Pick a couple and do them today!
I love everything about those two words and have written a couple of blogs on my personal blog site ( around the words “KIDS MATTER.”
100 Ways To Show Kids They Truly Matter.
1.     Give them a sincere hug.
2.     A special kiss on the cheek.
3.     A special day of celebration.
4.     Buy a special new toy.
5.     Take a trip to the movie theater.
6.     Buy them a new outfit.
7.     Take a trip to that special grandparents’ house.
8.     Have lunch at their favorite restaurant.
9.     Have a slumber party.
10.  Buy or make a personalized book.
11.  Spend quality time reading books together.
12.  Get a special ice cream treat.
13.  Have a fun day at the park.
14.  Make a special craft together.
15.  Create a holiday to celebrate the child all day.
16.  Take treats to school.
17.  Eat lunch at school with your child.
18.  Fill the child’s room with balloons.
19.  Cook their favorite meal.
20.  Bake their favorite dessert.
21.  Do a science project together.
22.  Go on a class field trip as a chaperone.
23.  Take a walk together.
24.  Make time for a conversation.
25.  Listen to your child.
26.  Tell the child how special they are.
27.  Take a special photo.
28.  Give the child a camera for a day and make a scrapbook with them.
29.  Go fishing.
30.  Make a t-shirt in their honor.
31.  Go bike riding.
32.  Do relay races.
33.  Color a picture of your child’s favorite thing… butterfly, superhero, firetruck…etc.
34.  Invite the child’s friends for a small party.
35.  Play a board game.
36.  Go shopping together.
37.  Let them spend a little extra time on the Play Station (I like limits).
38.  Get down in the floor with them and spend time playing cars, Barbie’s…etc.
39.  Take a trip to the zoo.
40.  Visit a museum.
41.  Play ball.
42.  Go to a sporting event.
43.  Play miniature golf.
44.  Teach new tasks like shoe tying.
45.  Play dress up.
46.  Go to the batting cages.
47.  Do hair and nails.
48.  Have a pizza party.
49.  Do face painting.
50.  Redecorate their room.
51.  Spend quality one on one time with them.
52.  Tell them stories of your childhood.
53.  Give them stickers.
54.  Write a story about them then read it to them.
55.  Tell them you love them.
56.  Brag about them to your friends in front of them.
57.  Let them go first in that day’s events.
58.  Spend time building something with them out of Playdough, Lego’s, or Lincoln Log’s.
59.  Go bowling.
60.  Swing together.
61.  Smile and laugh with them.
62.  Allow them to choose that day’s activities.
63.  Let them go to their friend’s home for a sleepover.
64.  Schedule a special play date.
65.  Make a video together.
66.  Create a fort with blankets in your living room.
67.  Go on a scavenger hunt.
68.  Plant a garden together.
69.  Listen to their favorite music.
70.  Dance together.
71.  Go kite flying.
72.  Have a water balloon fight.
73.  Go walking through puddles after a rain.
74.  Tell jokes.
75.  Make paper airplanes.
76.  Have an ice cream party.
77.  Go swimming.
78.  Go on a picnic.
79.  Shoot water guns at each other.
80.  Bake cookies.
81.  Do sidewalk art.
82.  Switch roles; let the child be a parent and you be the child for a while.
83.  String beads into necklaces, bracelets, and key chains.
84.  Visit a fire station.
85.  Catch lightening bugs together.
86.  Have a tea party.
87.  Pitch a tent in the backyard and camp out.
88.  Visit the public library.
89.  Get a big cardboard box and play house.
90.  Play hide-n-seek.
91.  Make instruments out of household goods and form your own band.
92.  Pick out cloud shapes.
93.  Go outside and see who can hear the most sounds.
94.  Visit a water park.
95.  Go bird watching.
96.  Paint a family portrait.
97.  Jump rope.
98.  Spend computer time searching for things that interest them.
99.  Blow bubbles and chase them.
100.  Go exploring the neighborhood.

Thank you for reading our 100th blog.  I hope you will continue to visit our blog site in the future. Please feel free to share and spread the word of Kids Matter. What other ways can you share that you use to show kids they matter?  We’d love to hear from you!

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