Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Meet the Child Care Council Staff

Introducing Ruby H
Robin @ Kids Matter
Ruby is an Eligibility Specialist (ES) working in the East Region of the CCC.  As a child, Ruby often dreamed of being a receptionist.  She said that she always loved the idea of being able to work with the public and being able to help people.  So, receptionist was her chosen profession, for 20 years, until she transitioned to a role as payroll coordinator.  However, she quickly missed the interaction with the public.  When she saw the advertisement for an ES position with the CCC, she quickly applied… and the rest is history.  She came to work for the CCC in 2009, and we are glad she did.  Even though she is not currently a receptionist, Ruby still has the opportunity to help people in a very important way.
Family means a lot to Ruby.  She stated that, “family means everything; they give you what you need in life.”  Growing up, Ruby’s mother was the most influential person in her life because she taught her so much and was always there for her.  Losing her mother last year was very difficult, and is a loss that she still suffers. In the last year she has had the opportunity to help raise a very special girl, and this has helped.  The excitement in Ruby’s voice when talking about the girl was very evident.
Ruby has always lived in Knox County, but that doesn’t mean that she never leaves.  Her hobbies are traveling and shopping, and is often on the go.  Her favorite place to travel to is Sevierville Tennessee, which is a place well known for its many outlet malls.  Tennessee is her favorite place in general, as evidenced by her travels across the state. She also really loves her travels to Florida.  She said that the sun setting over the ocean is one of the most beautiful sights that she has ever seen. 
When asked if she had any advice for our readers, Ruby said, “Only to treat everyone as you want to be treated and to help others as much as you can, whenever you can!”

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