Monday, December 2, 2013

Want To Make A Difference? Sure you do!

Want To Make A Difference?  Sure you do!
BA @ Kids Matter
Have you ever thought about how a small gesture on your part can make a big difference in someone else’s day and maybe even in their life?  It happens all of the time. Sometimes it’s deliberate, meticulously planned out, and sometimes it’s spontaneous.  You get on the elevator and smile at a stranger, you speak to a person on the street, or you throw a few coins into the cup of a street performer. Maybe it’s donating to the local food bank. You offer your neighbor a ride, read a child a story… the list can go on forever.  Most of the time, these deeds are just simple things that you would do normally.  This time of the year seems to bring out the best in people. 
People want to help… and generally, they just need to be asked.  The Child Care Council of Kentucky is asking you to spread some of your generosity to help provide quality education for children who are in early care (birth to age five).  The Child Care Council of Kentucky provides training to the teachers of young children in a large region of Kentucky. 
Many children, nowadays, spend the better part of their day with a child care provider.  These dedicated early care professionals are working along with parents to build a strong foundation of learning for those little ones in care, however, research shows that many children enter school for the first time unprepared to succeed.  Early care professionals MUST receive the education and training necessary to prepare children for school!
You know it and I know it… all children DESERVE quality child care provided by well-educated caregivers.  Take a moment on Giving Tuesday (Dec 3, 2013) and make a donation for the quality education of all young children.
Investing, even a small amount, can pay off with a big gain for our children.  Help the Child Care Council of Kentucky.  Make a deliberate decision, by clicking on the link below, to donate to a cause that will directly improve children’s school readiness:  
Thank you and always remember that KIDS MATTER®

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