Monday, December 2, 2013

All about the Butter on the Biscuit

All about the Butter on the Biscuit
Belinda @ Kids Matter
When life is just butter on a biscuit, you know your world is grand! BUT… when you find your biscuit is stale and your butter dripping all in your lap, what then? Yeah, what then, oh my! Let me tell you what you do. Been there, done that, and repeat it often, so I dub myself a pro. You step back, nuke the biscuit a couple seconds, don’t use so much butter this time, eat and enjoy! What? Why is this strange person talking about biscuits? Why is it even important?
Let me explain… biscuits are the equivalent to your life. If you don’t put a little excitement, fun, and joy in your life, life gets really stale… just like a biscuit. Now the butter… that’s the joy, fun, and spice you add to your life. If you overdo it you’ve got a nice mess in your lap, but with just the right amount… well you know… ummm butter on a biscuit!

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