Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas… Truly the Busiest Time of the Year

Christmas… Truly the Busiest Time of the Year
Kim @ Kids Matter
Christmas is such a busy time, especially when you work full time.  Most moms have to cook dinner and attend to the daily routine. There is never enough time to shop, have pictures made, send Christmas cards, bake, decorate, yada yada yada. The list is long. 
When I was younger, I actually dreaded Christmas. It was so much work for one day (December 25th).  Now I reflect back and wish I knew then what I understand now.  Remember that old saying, “too old too soon, too smart too late”?   Yes, it is so worth it to run crazy for a month or more to prepare for that one day.   It isn’t until years later that the impact is understood through the memories of our children and what they have to tell us about yesteryear. 
My daughter made the statement; while she was dating her now husband that, “Mom transforms the house into a Christmas wonderland. It is so great. I love Christmas!”   My children appreciate the old Santa pictures and also tell stories remembering those special presents.  For me, over the past decade, I have grown to appreciate the family gatherings while watching the children grow. This year my daughter is the mother of a one year old.  She is experiencing the stress of all the Christmas chores, but she does it, as we all did, for the child(ren).   I do think she “gets it” even if she might complain a little. I have only heard her complain about the expense of it. She is beginning to think about maybe a scarf and gloves or a candle.  We found inexpensive toys for children at Walgreens too.  After all, it really is the thought that counts.
We have begun to draw names for children in the extended family.  My sister-in-law wished that we didn’t have to do that for our immediate family. She remembers going to Grandma’s for Christmas and having a stack of presents.  She wanted her children to have that same excitement and memories.   Times are not what they once were.  Things are so expensive.  She explained that the stack of presents could be a coloring book and crayons in one, or socks in another. It wasn’t the richness of the gift, but the excitement of receiving a gift.  She is so right.  We forget that children just love to open presents.  Ever watch children at a birthday party? They tear from one present to the next; barely even acknowledging what the present is at that moment.
So, I think we should remember it is all worthwhile, downsize our gifts, and that it’s the excitement of having the gift that is most important to children.   Christmas is all about giving and loving.  The Christmas “chores” we do might just be a gift of love.

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