Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thankful November to Giving December

Thankful November to Giving December
Belinda @ Kids Matter
Did you ever stop to think about how the months transition into feelings and emotions? Truthfully, I sure didn’t until I was pondering what the next blog topic would be and I realized it happens quite often. I think that’s called being aware of your surroundings. How’s that? Are you always cognizant of the ebb and flow of the calendar year?
Let’s take a look; examine the 12 months that make up our emotional rollercoaster. First up we have January with its new year’s resolutions and grandiose plans. As we put that month to bed with our less than anticipated results, we slip all into mush mode with February. From there we kiss the blarney stone and welcome spring. Yes, then the April showers that bring the May flowers and long Memorial weekend. June rolls quietly till near the end when summer emerges and vacations begin. July explodes with amazement and color as the heat peaks and moves us to August when vacations end and school begins. The work force celebrates September and October emerges with horror and fright into the lengthening nights.
Now, having just emerged from thankful November, we move eagerly into giving December where we give to those we thanked in the prior month and expand upon the giving by donating and contributing to those less fortunate than ourselves. Isn’t it odd that it takes us 11 months before we work up the enthusiasm to share and spread joy? That’s the ebb and flow of it. We just breathe and go with it… year after year.
Retailers know the ebb and flow, matter of fact that’s how they stay in business. They know when we are in mania mode. They target us with sales we can’t resist. So, if they know and we know, what would happen if we upset that ebb and flow? What would happen if we gave to the poor and fed the homeless all year long? What if we bought Christmas in June and were thankful every day? Crazy, right? Or is it?

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