Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Teachings - The Letter S

This week's letter was lots of fun but a bit of a challenge to think of an activity to do that I do not see all over blog world already.

Download your letter S here.

Words that start with the letter S: Sun, Sand, Sail, Sailboat, Splatter, Spill, Speak, Sing, Song, Steamboat and Stars.

For our crafts we focused on Snake, Sponge and Snow.

I know, I know, everyone does a snake for the letter S but he is so cool looking and the perfect shape so we made a snake also. We used markers to color the letter S, then we cut it out and glued a red tongue to the back.

Our next craft was Snow. We used a pencil eraser dipped in white paint to make the snow on the blue paper and the blue S. My son really enjoyed this as he never gets to use that end of the pencil!
We will probably follow this up later in the week by making a snowman activity.

Lastly, we did some Sponge painting. This was by far the most fun in our house. I used a regular kitchen sponge and cut a strip from the short end. I then cut that strip into thirds and picked out three clothespins to use as the handles. We clipped the sponges into the clothespins (good fine motor practice).

We then dipped the sponge into paint and painted the letter S. This was a double activity as the sponge side that was dipped was a Square so we discussed squares versus other shapes. My son loved this and every time the sponge touched the paper he screamed, Bop, Bop, Bop! We will definitely be doing this more!

Foods that start with S: Squid, Sausage, Smoked Sausage, Sandwich, Salt, Salmon, Sponge Cake, Spaghetti and Stuffing.

For our food we made a Snake Stromboli. It was quite tasty. I used a store bought pizza crust, put some pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni down the middle and then we folded over the sides. Once the sides were pulled over, seal the seams and lay the Stromboli, seam side down.

Next we put a little milk in two separate bowls and I mixed blue food coloring in one bowl and red food coloring in the other. We used pastry brushes to paint red and blue stripes in the "Snake". Once we completed the stripes, we mixed the red and blue together to get purple. I made two indentions in the head of the snake with the end of the pastry brush and we put some purple in each indention for the eyes.

We then baked as directed on the pizza crust. This was delicious and my son loves to help in the kitchen. When we sat down to eat he kept saying, "I do, I do".

The Attached Mama's Alphabet Craft Collection

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