Thursday, November 4, 2010

Copy What You See

Sometimes my son's mind wanders just like everyone else. Some days he pays great attention to detail, other days it could be a Mack Truck and he would not notice it. To try and bring his awareness factor up, we worked on replicating things he sees in photos.

We painted the back of a paper plate orange to make a Jack O Lantern. I then used black constriction paper to cut out a variety of Jack O Lantern facial features. As I made a face, I took a picture of the face. I then printed out the faces.

Now, I lay the pumpkin on the table and give him all of the facial features along with one photo to replicate. Sometimes he gets it right, sometimes he gets aggravated with the variety of facial features. On those days, I take away some of the facial features and we try again.

He enjoys the activity and it is helping him to understand the concept of a Jack O Lantern as we had trouble with the concept of a pumpkin becoming a Jack O Lantern.

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