Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Teachings - The Letter K

Another week, another letter. We are moving on to the letter K this week. Please feel free to download your copy of the letter K below.

Letter K

Words that start with the letter K: King, Kangaroo, Kite, Keep, Kids, Kiss, Kelp, Kind and Kick

As our first craft, I really wanted to make a kangaroo but could not figure out how to make one from the letter K so we did the next best thing. We made a Kangaroo pouch! It is very cute. Stack two pieces of brown construction paper together and cut them out in a pouch pattern. Trim the front of the pouch a little across the top so that the back of the pouch is taller. This will make it easier to get in the pouch. Once they are cut out, punch holes all the way around the perimeters. You will then take yarn (we only had blue) and wrap tape around one end and use it as the "needle" to stitch the two pouch sides together. You will want to leave a 6"-8" tail on each end to tie around the waist. Once it is stitched together, write a big K on the front and tie it around a waist.

Next up, we used our Dot Markers to decorate a letter K. While he used the markers, I cut out two crowns from yellow construction paper. Once he finished coloring I let him glue on the two crowns and turn his K into a King.

This next project was a bit aggravating but he used the Dot Markers again on three Kleenex. We then tore the Kleenex into pieces and glued them on to the K.

For our final project we wanted to make a Kite. I let him paint two of the letter K printouts. Once dried, we cut them out and put them end to end to form the diamond of a kite. We used crepe paper for the tail of the kite.

Foods that start with K: Kabobs, Key Lime Pie, Kit Kat, Kool-Aid, Kiwi, Kohlrabi, Ketchup and Kielbasa

We went with an old classic, rice Krispie treats! I won't post a recipe as almost everyone has made them before and the recipe is right on the box. We did spice it up a little and add sprinkles!

Have a great week and have your kids point out the letter K to you this week!

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  1. Wow! These are some great letter K ideas! I host a feature on my blog called the Ultimate Alphabet Craft Collection. I would love it if you would link your alphabet ideas up there. You can view the master list of alphabet crafts here: http://theattachedmama.blogspot.com/2010/07/ultimate-alphabet-craft-collection.html