Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Meanderings - Sensory Tubs

I am sure that if you have spent much time around learning/Mom blogs you have probably seen some great Sensory Tubs out there. I thought we would feature some great ones this week.

First up is this great tub from Counting Coconuts. This is a yellow tub that she came up with and it is very creative. She has a strawberry huller in there for her son to pick out the items and work on his fine motor skills. I have to be honest though, my favorite thing about this tub (other than the color) is the bingo card that she created to bump up the learning. She also has a great section on her blog of past tubs she has created.

The Mom Blog has some great ideas also. I love the cotton balls and turkey baster idea. What a great way to work on fine motor skills. If you have a child that has not mastered finger control yet, let them work a turkey baster for awhile.

With Fall upon us, I also love this Apple and Acorn Tub at No Time for Flashcards. Not only is the tub lots of fun, but she also includes some great books to read as a follow up on the theme.

And last but not least, Child Fun has a great list of items that can be used as the "filler" in a sensory tub.

I would feel awful advising you to have a sensory tub without some pointers on how to contain the mess.
  • If you are going homemade, I suggest the plastic containers that are wider than they are deep. It is easier for the kids to get their hands in there.
  • As our house we have several vinyl tablecloths that I picked up for cheap. They are flannel backed which means if you have carpet, they stick right to your carpet and will not slide around. We set down a tablecloth and then put the messy activity on top of it.
  • You could also get a container that is bigger than your sensory tub and put the tub inside the larger container with hopes that most of the mess falls into the bigger container, just to be poured back into the sensory tub.
Have fun!


  1. Thank you for featuring my sensory tub today! I so enjoy making them and have found them to be among my son's favorite learning tools.

    Lovely blog you have here.

    Counting Coconuts

  2. It was my pleasure, you have some of the best sensory tubs online. Lots of great ideas.