Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chalk Paint

It has been so hot around here that we can not usually stay outside for long but if it cools down a little we try and slip out to have a little fun.

This time we made chalk paint. If you have not made chalk paint before, I highly recommend it. The colors are so bright when they dry!

Food Coloring

I mix equal parts cornstarch and water in a measuring cup. I usually start with 1/2 cup of each. Once they are well mixed, without lumps divide the mix evenly between the number of colors you want. I use plastic cups to paint from so I pour the chalk mix into the cups and then add enough food coloring to get a good color. It usually takes 8-10 drops for a vibrant color.

We then go out on the sidewalk and paint away, using the cheap foam paint brushes that I get in a package of 10 at the dollar store. You do NOT want to use nice brushes on the sidewalk, just buy the cheap ones.

I will forewarn you, if your child is anything like mine, he will probably look like a Smurf when you finish. I have never had a problem with the chalk paint not coming off once we get in the tub. It rarely comes off though when we are just cleaning up after painting, he has to be physically submerged in the water. Have fun and let your inner Picasso run wild!!

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