Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Meanderings - Joke Day

In honor of today being National Joke Day, I looked for some good jokes for kids to pull on friends and parents, and some that we can even pull on the kids.

Have some good, clean fun today!

Love to Know has some great practical jokes listed. I love the "Trapped in a Toilet Paper" prank. That would be very funny.

Kidz World has a listing of jokes that will not get kids in too much trouble when they give them a try. The most "harmless" one is colored milk.

I found another page of jokes on Love to Know that has some more great jokes. I might try the suds fun joke myself!

These practical jokes should be a great start to prank your kids and family. Have a great day and remember to laugh enough. Also remember that kids like for people to laugh at their jokes, so encourage your kids with a deep belly laugh when they tell you jokes or attempt to prank you.

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