Friday, June 20, 2014

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Child Interested in Reading during Summer Break

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Child Interested in Reading during Summer Break
Robin @ Kids Matter
1.     Join a reading club at your local library.  This allows for interaction with their peers and may broaden the range of books from what they would normally read.
2.     Read the book then, watch the movie or cartoon.  It’s fun to see the words you’ve just read come to life on screen.  Afterwards, you can discuss the differences in the two.
3.     Have a book-themed celebration.  For example: have an ice cream party after reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Don’t treat it like a reward for reading, which makes reading seem like a chore.  It’s just as an occasional special experience.
4.     Help your child practice reading skills as part of everyday activities such as reading a menu, looking at a map, identifying letters on street signs, or reading a recipe.  This helps build vocabulary.
5.     During long trips e-books or books online may be a good option to help pass time.  There are many free books available for all ages.
6.     If you have relatives far away or your child has a friend who has moved out of town, encourage your child to write letters.  It’s a good way to practice spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  And it’s really fun to get letters back from them. 
7.     Challenge your child to write a biography.  It may be a biography of their own life, or of a celebrity or sports hero.  Younger children may draw pictures and tell you what to write for each one. 
8.     Change it up and have kids read a bedtime story to the parents.  This gives children a sense of pride in doing something that is usually the” parent’s job”. 
9.     Buy a notebook for your child to use as a journal.  It may be for everyday use, or just to record fun experiences from summer travels.  This is a very special keepsake that they will likely love to reflect on in later years. 
10.   Make a special trip to the library and let the kids pick out several books that interest them.  Getting a variety of books that catch their attention is good.  You can schedule library time every two weeks or so to change the books out for new ones.   The Association for Library service to Children (ALSC) offers a list of award winning books that will be helpful if you want suggestions.  They also have recommended book lists, games, puzzles, and other great library related suggestions for parents, children, and educators.

Happy reading!  Hope you have a wonderful summer!

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