Thursday, June 26, 2014

Meet the Child Care Council Staff

Introducing Patti G.
Robin @ Kids Matter
I would like you to meet possibly the most ardent Kentucky Wildcat fan in the state. Patti is originally from Louisville, but has been a UK fan since the age of two.  She pretty much inherited it from her father.  She said, “My heart bleeds blue for UK.”  She has a variety of UK clothing too, and supports the team by wearing blue and white most days.  She takes a little razzing from her co-workers, because her office is composed of at least 95% U of L fans.  When I asked Patti the most important lesson learned in life, her quick reply was, “…to root for UK!”
Patti met the love of her life, her husband, at the age of 15. They have now been married for nearly 29 years.  She said, “I have been blessed from the day I met him. He is the rock for our whole family.”  One of Patti’s coworkers told me that she has never seen two people more in love than Patti and her husband.  What a great way to be known! They are the proud parents to three children, two boys and one girl, and have two grandchildren.  They also have two Pomeranians, Red and Chocolate, who are her babies since her children have left home.  Patti’s family is very close and especially loves going for weekends in the country.  They enjoy spending time in nature and away from the rush of city life.  Patti said, “The most important thing I’ve taught my children is that nothing is more important than happiness, not even success.  They should look for what makes them happy, no matter what anyone says and that family comes first, no matter what.” She said her children would probably describe her as a trustworthy parent.  They can tell her anything.  And as loyal, because she is always there for them and they are the most important people in her life. (Other than her husband)
When she was a child, Patti dreamed of being a teacher when she grew up.  She worked in child care for about 15 years. Her favorite job was working at the Ford Motor Co. Daycare.  She said it was great because they had funds to do whatever they wanted and had “top of the line” of everything in the center.  It must have been great to have the funding the children deserved.  Patti started working in the Child Care Assistance Program in 2007 as an Eligibility Specialist. She transitioned to her role as Registered Provider Specialist about a year ago. She said her work as an ES has helped her a lot in her current role.  Patti said, “I am glad to be working for a company where my work is benefitting people.  Parents are grateful for our help and that makes it worth it!”
The most significant event in Patti’s lifetime was the terrorist attack on 9/11.  Her oldest son is in the military.  So, it brought home the fact even more, that you can’t take any day for granted.  She said, “…today may be the last day you get to speak with a particular person, so make sure you do it.  Otherwise, you may have regrets about it for the rest of your life.  The most important thing you can do in life is to show someone else how much you care about them.”
Patti’s greatest hope for the future is that we don’t see so much crime and negativity in the world.  She said, “…people need to realize how good we have it here in the U.S. and appreciate humanity, instead of showing the lack of regard for themselves or others.”   She said, there’s a time for seriousness, but you have to let your guard down and have fun sometimes too.  Patti has a good sense of humor and is known for dancing to and from the printer in her office and making up some interesting songs that are all her own.   Reminds me of the saying, “laughter is the spice of life…”

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