Monday, February 10, 2014

The American Flag

The American Flag
Kim @ Kids Matter
Today I am blogging about my memories of the American Flag and how it has influenced my life. My first memory of the American Flag is from elementary school; placing my hand over my heart, and learning the Pledge of Allegiance.   When we are little we are functionary. When I was old enough to understand the meaning of the pledge, I was filled with a sense of respect, and the understanding that I was a part of something big and powerful. We find flags in various places in our community like church, the post office, the library, schools, and in our neighbors’ yards.
I remember being in high school, I attended a DOD (Department of Defense) school in Yokohama, Japan.  One day a classmate ran someone’s pants up the flag pole.  OH, there was BIG trouble for that boy, never mind that we were on a military base.  I think my hand was over my mouth that day.
I joined the Army when I graduated high school.  I felt such pride when I was sworn in to uphold The Constitution of the United States.  When the National Anthem was played, I remember getting goose bumps.  In the military, we saluted the flag; everything was about respect for the American Flag.
When my father passed away, we had a military funeral.  My mother had passed away three months earlier from lung cancer so, I accepted the flag on “on behalf of a grateful nation” and… I sobbed.
Now, the flag is enjoyed and honored at sport events such as the Super Bowl and the Olympic games. It is ingrained in my soul that the United States’ Flag is revered and represents my country.
One of my four granddaughters has started school in Texas.  I am happy that she is allowed to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in her school, every day. I believe that the Pledge of Allegiance is where children get their first knowledge of America and begin to understand who we are as a nation.

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