Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Meet the Child Care Council Staff

Meet the Child Care Council Staff
Introducing Kim G
Belinda @ Kids Matter

Please allow me to introduce a loving mother of two beautiful children and four treasured grandchildren, with a fifth to arrive shortly. She says being a grandmother is, “pure joy” and that, “grandchildren are delightful little beings.” Kim has been married twenty-one years to the love of her life and her hero. When I say hero, that’s exactly what I mean. While vacationing with her family, she was snorkeling off the coast of Hawaii, Kim’s mask became dislodged. Quickly she surfaced to fix the problem. She plunged back under water only to learn the mask was still not properly secured and began losing her breath. With panic looming, she quickly popped to the surface again. Suddenly, a wave overtook her and she couldn’t breathe. To say she was scared may be an understatement. Her husband sped to her side and lifted her up. In the fear of drowning, she almost took her husband out as well. He was, however, able to signal the lifeguards who rapidly raced to her rescue. Today she gives credit where due, to her husband, her hero.
Kim has been an Eligibility Specialist for CCC, serving the counties of Warren, Edmonson, and Hart, for a year and a half. Her bubbly personality and genuine desire to help others are just two of her great qualities.  Kim says that sharing an office space with two very influential people in her life is what keeps her sane. She has such a deep appreciation for her co-workers saying, “They are with me eight hours every work day. They have taught me things, and have listened to me when I needed to talk. They are lovely women, which I am proud to call my friends and blessed to have them in my life.” Though Kim loves her job, when asked if not in the childcare business, what career would she choose? Her answer, “I’d be a judge on American Idol!”
What makes Kim who she is today? She gives credit to her Mom as being the most influential person in her life and giving her that “go get it” attitude. When asked how she maintains that attitude she simply replied while laughing, “I have to pay the mortgage”. Playing a huge role in forming Kim, were the years she spent in the Army. She states, “The Army taught me all that I could withstand and all of my strengths.” She emphasizes, “I’m pretty tough if I need to be, not physically, but mentally.” She also gives credit to her grandparents who taught her to be loving, kind, and patient. All are lessons that she uses in the care of her own grandchildren.
When asked about advice for a happy, successful family, Kim says, “Instill the desire for education into your children and spend great quantities of time loving and laughing together”. She also encourages getting involved in charities. Helping others always gives the greatest of feelings and respect. Kim actively supports St. Jude’s Children Hospital, Warren County Rescue Squad, and Veteran’s organizations. With deep roots in the military, through her own contribution, her husbands, and her fathers, she has great respect for America and those who serve and support the United States. She says, “There are never enough resources to go around”, and encourages us all to give whenever, wherever we can.

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