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5 Things to Prepare for Spring

5 Things to Prepare for Spring
Belinda @ Kids Matter
Are you getting excited about spring? Me too!! Come take a relaxing journey with me through Spring in Bloom. Ah the last view of the snow covered caps of the mountain, the gentle babbling brooks, the bold and brilliant colors, spring storms pelting rhythmically on the ground, and such wonderful fragrance filling the air. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Now, it’s time to get busy with our spring to-do list.
Spring officially makes her entry March 20th but don’t forget to spring those clocks forward March 9th. I’m introducing spring a little early so we can have this to-do list knocked out before its arrival. We don’t want to waste a minute of the beauty that spring brings. We have so many things to look forward to… long walks through nature, biking, sitting on the porch with a nice hot cup of coffee watching the sunrise and set, planting gardens, gathering wild flowers, and the list goes on and on. So, let’s knock this work out right now.
1.      Spring cleaning on the inside. Don’t try to tackle the house as a whole, break it down room by room. Set a date for each room and use it to focus solely on that room. At the end of the day you will see great progress and pick up ideas to help the process in the remaining rooms. Have your cleaning tools prepared before tackling the chores and don’t forget your organizational equipment… boxes, bags, totes, crates, tubs, and bins. “A place for everything and everything in its place,” is one of my favorite sayings.

2.      Winter to summer clothing exchange. Many people change out their clothing storage in spring and fall. That’s a great time to get rid of torn, tattered, or clothing that no longer fits. Keep a box or bag handy for clothes you want to donate to your favorite charity. This task can be incorporated into the spring cleaning and you are knocking out two for one. As you put your winter clothes in storage, try placing a dryer sheet in with the clothing. Come fall, when you take them out, they will smell nice and fresh.

3.      Spring cleaning the outside. If you are lucky, you have the fold in windows for easy cleaning and can do those as you do the interior cleaning. For those of us unlucky folks, we must attempt this feat from outside and possibly on a ladder to reach those uppermost corners. Be safety minded and careful at all times when using a ladder. While cleaning the windows, it’s also a good time to check the seal around each window. Properly sealed windows are a must to prevent the deterioration of wood inside the house. If you have a power washer, they are great tools for spring cleaning the exterior of your home. If not, a garden hose will work, with a little manpower behind it. As you make your way around the house, look for repairs that may need attention.

4.      Preparing the yard for greatest impact. Remove all trash, broken limbs, and damaged lawn furniture. Spruce up the patio with a good cleaning and decorate with vibrantly colored seasonal ornamentation showcasing the new season. Prepare your yard for new growth with seeding where needed, along with an application of lawn fertilizer. Wait until after the last freeze to plant those beautiful new flowers.

5.      Preparing the grill. What would warm temps be without that first grand cookout? It’s time to celebrate winter’s departure. Give the grill a good cleaning inside and out. Check out Real Simple for tips on cleaning your grill.

Now that you have all of your cleaning done… celebrate spring! Spend quality time with your family while enjoying the great outdoors. Appreciate the beauty of nature. Relax in the sounds of spring and breathe in the freshness of it all. Happy spring to you!

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