Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stay Tuned

Well, I am pretty proud of myself. Oh, yes I am.  I completed my first blog for the “blog squad” on the very first night that I signed up…. and it was fun!  But is it good enough to make the cut?

The next day I tentatively read it to my boss.  I really wasn’t sure it would meet his idea of what we should write about because it certainly wasn’t “topical”.  So I started with the first line and waited…….he liked it, so I read on. 

When I finished I asked skeptically……“does that qualify as a blog”?  And I waited……so I added “I know that is not what everyone else is doing” and I waited………  “I just want to write about whatever comes to my mind” and I waited. 

Gosh was he trying to figure out a way to tell me that the first line was the only good thing in it?  I could feel embarrassment creeping in….just go ahead and say it….it stinks!!

Wait!  What was he saying?  It is a blog, there are all kinds of blogs out there, there are all kinds of things that people like to read and this could be one of them.  Whew!  Thank goodness.  I was good to go!!! I was happy, happy, happy! 

And then….. I heard…… him ask…. What are you going to name your blog? And, of course, you have to have good pictures.  What kind of pictures will you use? 

Name the blog? Name the blog??? Pick out pictures?  Pictures???  Oh, great here we go again!! 
When I came to my senses I started thinking about a name. I knew I could find pictures. Pictures would be fun, but the name had to be something that people would be attracted to and would want to follow.  What could that be?  Nothing boring, nothing stupid, something funny, something smart, and something to do with my passion: children and teaching, teaching and children, art and creativity, thoughts about life, thoughts about people, things I just want to consider, contemplate, think over,  think about, remember, life experiences. I don’t want to be limited. What to do, what to do? Hmmmmmmm.

After two weeks I finally have it…. but I had to write two blogs to realize that it would be different every single time but would always end with a tag line of, “Kids. Gotta Love ‘Em.”

So, there you have it…..unless I change my mind.  Stay tuned.

BA @ Kids Matter

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