Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Quirks" We All Have Them

We all have little “quirks”….you know, those things that you do that are totally “your” thing.  Oh come on now, don’t act like you don’t have any!!

Most of the time those “quirks” are kept to yourself; maybe you share them with your very best friend, husband or wife.  Quirks often begin at an early age and sometime provide a certain level of comfort and security.

When my son was a baby, I always put him in a snuggly, warm, soft blanket sleeper at bedtime.  This would assure that no blankets were kicked off or accidentally wrapped around his head. As he got a little older he began wearing footed pajamas. You know the kind, they fit snug and the shirt snaps into the pants to stay tucked in. By the time he was about three he was wearing regular pajamas with the pants, long sleeve top that buttoned up the front and cute animal shaped slippers. 

After bath time we would put on his PJ’s and slippers, read a story, sing a song, listen to some music, get that important drink of water, take a trip the bathroom and he was ready to “hit the hay”.   Tucked in, a kiss goodnight and he was “out like a light”.

Every night, I would go back in to check on him, and he would have kicked off his covers and be sound asleep….with his slippers on.  I would tiptoe to his bed. Gently, very gently, remove the slippers, cover him back up and sneak out of his room. Within 5 minutes he would be awake, have the slippers back on and no covers. 

This routine went on three to four times a night for months.  I finally gave up. You know, sometimes you just have to pick your battles. His feet were warm, he was warm and as long as those slippers were on his feet, he did not wake up. Apparently he loved his slippers! And I needed my sleep.

His love of slippers continued. It got to the point that he wore them every time he did not have on his shoes.  His grandmother, my mother, would buy him slippers as a surprise, for Christmas, for birthdays, because they were on sale, or just because she found cute ones. She really did like to spoil him. He had slippers at our house and at her house. He wore them constantly. He did not care if they were for boys; if they were pink and had fur he would still wear them!  Now mind you, he was only 3 years old.  

I was beginning to think he was obsessed. So I began to reason with him…... “You know your feet really need some air.” and “You know your feet will be sweaty and smelly if they don’t get some air.”
He didn’t care, the slippers stayed on those little feet.  I resorted to white lies. “You know your feet may fall off (fingers crossed behind my back) if they don’t get some air.”  Nope! Even the loss of feet didn’t cause the slippers to come off.  Finally, one night in exasperation, I asked, “Why do you wear your slippers and shoes all the time?”.

Here was his serious answer, directly to the point…...  “Mom, if I take my shoes off my pants will fall down!”  All I could do was to pick him up and give him a big hug.   I tried to convince him that his shoes did not hold up his pants, but he was having none of it.  

Well, my son is 33 years old now and I am very sure the “quirk” continues. On the plus side, his feet haven’t fallen off yet and I am pretty sure he now knows that his shoes are not holding up his pants.

Kids. You Gotta Love 'Em!

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