Monday, July 1, 2013

Getting Excited About the Alphabet

More powerful than all poetry, more pervasive than all science, more profound than all philosophy are the letters of the alphabet, twenty-six pillars of strength upon which our culture rests.” Anonymous

If ever there was anything to get excited about it would have to be teaching your child the alphabet. Sadly, the importance of the alphabet seems to get lost in the day to day grind. And unfortunately, it is a task we leave to the characters of Sesame Street or Dora the Explorer and her fun filled cohorts.

It is the 26 letters of the alphabet that are the foundation of our education. It is the learning of each letter; the sound, the sight, and the words associated with the letter, that inspires us. The good news is that in just 26 short days you can, not only spend quality time with your child, but get them excited about the alphabet too!

Make a game of it. The first day of the month introduce your child to the letter A, but not just an A… an exciting A. Draw an “A” that is appealing to the eye, be creative, colorful, and artistic. Paint an “A” with your child, get out a box of noodles and paste them in the shape of an “A then spend the rest of the day pointing out things that start with the letter “A”. The letter “A” is not only for Apple or Alligator.  The more excited you are about the alphabet the more excited your child will be. Enthusiasm is a powerful tool.

Get healthy with it. Fall back on that old “A is for Apple” and have an apple tasting party. Buy several different types of apples and taste the letter “A”. What does it taste like? Try different nutritional foods with different letters of the alphabet. The grocery is now your child’s classroom.

Get active with it.F” is for fitness, “A” is for athlete, and “E” is for exercise so go on and get moving with your child. Teach and get fit all at the same time. Pull out that assorted bag of balls gathering dust in your garage, shoot some hoops, kick a field goal, jump rope, or zoom across the yard.

There is no limit to the fun and excitement in the alphabet. Every action, spoken or unspoken word, and every object in our world is made of letters of the alphabet. Each letter is far more than a one word association. That “A” not only stands for apple but for the appetite that makes you want to eat it. Now that I've got you thinking and motivated, what exciting things will you do to teach your child the alphabet?

Belinda @ Kids Matter

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