Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Meanderings - School Lunch Plans

Well we are almost through the month of July and most schools will be going back into session early to mid August so I thought this would be a great time to provide you with some links to recipes and information for fixing your kid's lunch.

I am also planning on doing a few other blog posts with recipes and lunch ideas in the weeks to follow.

As we all know, Jamie Oliver is on a mission to clean up our menus and the Child Care Council of Kentucky supports his cause. For too long schools have relied on processed food with no true nutritional value. Support Jamie's Revolution and visit his website for some great recipes.

On Family Education there is a wealth of recipes. As most other websites, some are healthier than others but most that I looked at sounded very healthy and delicious. I think the bean burrito recipe sounds very tasty.

Kitchen Stewardship has some very tasty ideas along with a list of things that they say you should never include in a kid's lunchbox.

Lunch in a Box is an amazing blog. I have tried numerous recipes and ideas from her site and have never been disappointed. During school she prepares a daily bento box for her pre-schooler. She does it quickly and efficiently and always passes on her speed bento tips.

Adventures in Bento Making is another great blog. She has some of the prettiest food but lots of her lunches are time consuming which is not always reasonable for a daily lunch for kids. It is still fun to look at and great for a special occasion.

I hope this helps you come up with some new ideas for lunch. If it is boring and the child has no say in the lunch, it will probably go uneaten or be traded. Let them help you pack the lunch and spice it up a little bit to keep their interest.

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