Friday, July 23, 2010

Homemade Ink/Paint Roller

We decided to try a new craft at our house today. I have seen this in lots of magazines and blogs but I changed ours up just a little to accommodate the supplies that we had on hand.

All we used were an empty toilet paper tube, some foam stickers, a stamp pad and some paper.

We took the back off of the foam stickers and applied them to the toilet paper tube. As you can see we used Easter stickers as we had a huge stash of them. Once they were all on the tube, we pressed the stickers onto the stamp pad and then rolled the tube along the paper. You could also use paint on a brush to color over teh stickers, just be careful not to get it all over the tube or it will transfer blobs of paint to your picture.

We decorated all of our tube with stickers but I soon learned it was not really necessary. If you just do one side, it is easier to press the stickers onto the stamp pads.

My son thoroughly enjoyed this project and I am sure we will be doing it again and again. The next time we do it I hope we have an empty masking tape tube handy so he can actually put his hand inside the tube to roll it across the paper.

Hope you give this a try soon.

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