Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Meanderings - Homemade Toys

It seems like every time I turn around my child is begging for the latest and greatest new toy or one of his friends is having a birthday and needs the latest and greatest new toy.

In an effort to simplify some, I thought we would look at some good homemade toys this week. Some are easier than others and some are more expensive than others.

First up is Crumbs in my Couch with this very cool construction table. My son would love that! I think we could get quite a bit of usage out of that in our house.

Once he plays with the construction site, he will need a bath so why not make some soap with a toy inside. He will scrub more than usual just to get to the toy. The directions can be found at Mommy D's Kitchen. This can only be a good thing.

Next we have home made tinker toys and it does not get much cheaper than this. A few basic household supplies and you have a whole hour or two to yourself while your child uses her imagination. Thanks to Kitsune for this great reminder.

Last but not least here are some great ideas with the common cardboard box.

A kitchen from Grassroots Modern

A house from Ehow.

And we can not forget the rocket ship from No time for flash cards.

I hope this inspires everyone to find some simple toys to expand the imagination of childhood.

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