Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Meanderings - Scavenger Hunts

Well, now that the weather is consistently nicer outside it is time to get outside and enjoy it with your kids. I kept that in mind as I was surfing this week-end looking for some great projects to do with your kids.

The first link is for Curly Birds. As her young daughters tried to participate in a scavenger hunt a time back she realized it was hard for them since everything was written in a list. She took action and has now offered the new illustrated scavenger hunt page for download. Her illustrations are adorable and the kids will be able to find most of the items anywhere.

If you know anyone that embroiders you could have some scavenger cards made for your children, if not you can order them from Kid N Around Creations on Etsy. The Easter Bunny brought these to my son and we enjoy searching for the items in the backyard and the park.

If you want a little change for your scavenger hunt you could do a picture taking hunt. You decide on a subject and take pictures of all of the varieties of it you can find. For example - If you choose flowers, you go around the park or the yard and take pictures of as many different varieties and colors of flowers that you can find.

I hope you and your family have a great time looking for items in your environment.

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