Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Meanderings - Birthday Parties

Well I thought we could go over some of the great ideas that I found online for fun birthday parties. I think the current craze for birthdays is quite extravagant and most people can not afford to go over the top for parties. I would rather have a more intimate party for my child, where he and his friends can play together and have a good time. Birthdays are about having fun and celebrating, not about going broke.

I hope you can find some good ideas for any birthday parties that you have coming up soon.

The first party has a Race Car theme and was featured on Makes and Takes. The snacks and "tire cake" are very cute and there are even some great activities to do at the party that will not break the bank.

The next part is a sock monkey theme from Oh My Gluestick! The monkeys are too cute for words and she has the downloads available on her site.

The next party is a mermaid party compliments of The True Confessions of Mrs. Olson. The accessories are just adorable.

The next party up is a Bug theme and is versatile enough for boys or girls to enjoy. I love the party favors that Journey to Josie made.

As you can see, it is not hard to come up with a great affordable party. Just pick a theme that your child loves and then get a little creative. Let us know about some of your great birthday parties.

I want to close with a link to one more great blog. Party Planning Mom is a great place fro affordable party ideas. She does not just do kids parties though because as we all need, Mom & Dad need some special time also.

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