Friday, May 7, 2010

Kicking it with the Council - An Interview

We will be back on May 14th with a very special guest. As you know the Child Care Council of KY is a huge fan of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Next week we will be interviewing Patrick O'Neal. For those who watched the show you will remember Patrick as the principal of Central City Elementary School in Huntington, WV.

We are very excited to have Patrick take time out of his busy schedule to keep us apprised of the progress being made at the school since Jamie went home. Are they still trying to keep the Revolution alive or have they gone back to thier old ways? Join us next week to find out.

We are also planning on a special give away for next week. Come back and see what we have and be sure to tell all of your friends.

Have a great Mother's Day week-end!

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