Thursday, August 28, 2014

Meet the Child Care Council Staff

Introducing Jamie L.

Belinda @ Kids Matter

This week I introduce Jamie, a Claims Specialist, who has been with the CCC for the past five years. Jamie is the twin sister of Amie, who also works for the CCC. What career path led her to the field of child care assistance? She responded, “I was working as a pharmacy tech before I started with the agency. I wanted a job that I could work 8-4:30, so I could be home with my daughter. I applied for the job in 2009 and served Rowan, Morgan, Menifee, Elliot, and Carter Counties as an Eligibility Specialist. In May 2013, I started working as a Claims Specialist at Central Office.”

I asked her what she loved about her job to which she replied, “Everything!! I have never had a job until this one that I truly loved. I am proud to say that I work for the CCC. This place is such a great place. It’s warm, friendly, and you know that you are cared for.” She went on to say, “I love helping people because it is such a great feeling knowing that something that you have done made someone’s day. Ultimately, the greatest job to have is one that you love; one that you are proud to say where you work and don’t dread coming into work.”

Jamie lives with her daughter, Sarah, her boyfriend, Ken, and his two children, Chloe and Dalton, on weekends. They have three cats who she described, “My first pet is Emma, who I nicknamed Lou Lou. I actually got her when I lived in Hawaii. She loves to steal food: no matter what it is you are eating. She is a sweet cat who loves eating treats and chasing balls. I also have, Kallie and Annie, who came from Hawaii as well. Kallie is a shy kitty and Annie is a feisty cat who will love you then turn and bite you the very next minute.”

She said, “My greatest achievement is being the mom to such an awesome child. She is so sweet, kind, funny, and smart. I love waking up every day knowing that I have someone to love with my whole heart and soul.” She said Sarah makes her laugh when she acts goofy and is the funniest person she knows. Jamie has done something special with her daughter and mother for the past two years and I think that it is so cool, to share such a special bond. She said, “I have gone on vacation with my mom and Sarah the past couple years. Last year was Florida, and this year was Gatlinburg. I love being able to spend time with my mom and daughter. Life gets too busy sometimes and it’s nice to take a break from it all with people you hold so dear.”

Jamie is a lover of music and said, “Pretty much all the bands I listen to help me when I feel gloomy. The music that helps me get through the day is Folk Pop. Some bands I listen too are Ingrid Michaleson, Jamestown Revival, Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, Scars on 45, and The Wind and the Wave.” She uses Twitter to tell people about all the awesome bands and new songs they have out. Where does she get her love of bands? It possibly comes from the years she and her best friend, Peggy, spent in band and color guard. She and Peggy spent many weekends at competitions and had a blast doing it and are still friends to this day.
She also loves UK basketball and cheering for the Indianapolis Colts. She shared, “My stepdad, who passed away eight years ago, was a huge fan, so I support the Colts in his honor.” She attributes who she is today to the love and support she received from her parents. She said, “I think they did all they could do to make sure we had a good life.” Her advice to parents would be, “Every child is different and they don’t come with manuals. My advice is to teach them manners; teach them to love, and to help others.” Love and charity begins at home; that’s a great piece of advice.

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