Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Tradition

Halloween Tradition
Kim @ Kids Matter
As soon as my children could walk, I would doll them up in cute Halloween costumes and we would go trick or treating!  They were so cute the first years; barely able to even say trick or treat.  I’m sure many of you remember how cute your children were and what that first “twik or tweet” and “tank you” sounded like.  It brings a smile to my face.  We would go to all of our relatives and friends homes and show off our cute toddlers. 
Each year as they grew older, we would carve the pumpkins.  It was a BIG scary ordeal when they were little. As they got bigger, the pumpkins had to be “cool” looking.  We had to decorate inside the house, make cookies and of course, decorate them.   I always found myself buying candy at least twice because by the end of the month, when we actually needed the candy for the night, it would be just about gone.
I remember warm trick or treat nights. I remember others when I had to drive the car up and down the street. The kids would pop out of the car, run up and visit a couple houses, and then run back to escape the frigid autumn air.
Now, my daughter is grown. This year she has her first toddler, Maddie, who will be a kitty cat.  She will be just three days shy of one year old, walking, and has no idea what we are doing.  My daughter has painted and carved pumpkins this year.  She has decorated the house but not bought candy.  She will take Maddie trick or treating down Main Street in town.  Trick or treating is a little different now than when my children grew up.  They also have the “Trunk or Treats”, which I think is a fabulous idea.  New traditions are being made before my eyes.  It is so much fun for me to watch my daughter carrying on old traditions and creating new ones.
I have so many memories; old and new.  Whatever the tradition… it’s all about how much family and Kids Matter!

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