Wednesday, September 18, 2013

From The Director’s Chair: Job VS. Career!

Julia @ Kids Matter
Have you ever wondered why you got into Early Education? One of the first things you do in class upon starting your collegiate road is you write why you wanted to be an Early Education Major.
Well, why do you? It’s certainly not for the pay. It’s certainly not because one would think, ‘hey, this job will be cake!’, and it’s defiantly not so that you can constantly smell like boogers and green beans! So what is it?
I will tell you what I wrote in my ‘Why I Am An Early Education Teacher’ essay from my first semester in college… the knowing that I was making a difference in a child’s life. To know that one day, the things that you have taught them in circle time will help shape the type of students they will be. Or the manners you insist upon them displaying will one day help shape them as adults.  
So, how does one hire those who want it as a career vs. just a job? Some of you may worry about your payroll budget… I get it! I know that it is much easier to hire an employee anywhere from $7.25 - $8.50 per hour and reserve the bigger payroll for your lead teachers and administrative staff. My advice is simple… College Kids! College kids who are majoring in Elementary Education, Early Education, Family Counseling, Social Work, etc. are the perfect recourse for what you want to achieve in your classrooms without having to face the dreaded payroll budget dragon!
Advertise with the College Newspaper, or in the building where they teach any of the majors listed above. These are kids who want a career with children, and working in a daycare can only further them on their path. They are studying the latest in education and social emotional development, and could bring with them a new way of learning and teaching! Who knows, maybe one day when their college days are over- they could be a lead teacher with your center, and you had a hand in helping them succeed.
If you don’t have a college in your area, you could always check your local high school for students who are on the Work Study or Co-op Programs their senior year. They go to school half the day in the morning, and work in the afternoon. Naturally, per most State Laws until they turn 18 they can’t be left alone with the children, nor do they count in children/teacher ratio numbers. Perhaps a position where they can float between rooms and help teachers during harried times like lunch, snack, potty training, or diaper changing could be a huge help until they are of age and can close down a classroom for you.
Craigslist is typically free in most areas. There are a few MAJOR cities that charge fees to advertise for quality help. However, Craigslist statistically has more views than any of the major job seeking sites. So if you are in a major city that charges, it is very well worth it!  
But let’s not forget you can ALSO advertise with The Child Care Council for free! Find the quality staff you want with CCC. Please feel free to advertise for all available positions at,
Happy Recruiting!

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